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Hair stylist and home school mom of two, Shelley Lozonne shares how the Age-Defying Cell Activating System has transformed her skin

Shelley on her skin transformation…
I struggled with my skin for seven years since being pregnant with my daughter. As someone in the cosmetic industry, I tried everything to make it go away or at the least minimize it with no results. When Nutriance Organic launched I knew it was going to work because of what NeoLife stands for. Within just two weeks of using the 3-Step System morning and night I noticed my skin wasn’t aggravated. Within 3 months my skin was transformed! I went from wearing a lot of foundation to just a BB cream. The dramatic improvement in my skin and is why I am so passionate about sharing Nutriance Organic!

Is there a specific product you love to use in conjunction with Nutriance Organic?
Pro Vitality. This goes together with skin care. Pro Vitality is a daily supplement that helps your skin from the inside. 

What is something you have learned from Nutriance Organic?
The biggest realization that I have had is that people just don’t know how to properly wash their face. Starting with the Gentle Makeup Remover. You need to remove that layer of makeup before you can really cleanse your skin. You do not want to use cleanser to remove makeup. Once people experience Nutriance Organic, they feel the difference!

How does Insta-Lift Eye Gel fit in your daily life?
Since using Insta-Lift Eye Gel myself I have noticed I look more awake! I didn’t even realize I had some puffiness under my eyes. I did a test using it on only one eye and I could immediately see a difference. It even softened the appearance of crow’s feet. Even my dad had the same instant results! So Insta-Lift Eye Gel is an awesome add on. It goes hand in hand with the 3-Step System 

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