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Nutriance Organic – A Breakthrough in Age-Defying Skin Care NeoLife International, a name synonymous with superior quality nutrition for 60 years, has just announced a new product line: Nutriance Organic Skin Care. Nutriance Organic represents a step into a new era of skin care for NeoLife and is the first ever marine-based organic skin care line in the Direct Selling Industry.


With this new line, the company is positioning themselves to take the skin care market segment by storm, offering a solution to a difficult problem facing consumers today.


“The average consumer has to wade through all the cheaply made, overly priced products out there. So many people don’t even realize what harsh ingredients and chemicals they’re lathering themselves in, that can have negative effects over time, putting ourselves at risk. It’s scary. We need to end this trend. And that’s what we plan to do” says NeoLife CEO, Kendra Brassfield.


The new facial care range was designed according to latest advances in skin care science and today’s understanding of the needs of our skin’s protective barrier.


“We’ve designed Nutriance Organic to revitalize stressed skin, reinforce natural defenses against aging, and renew cells to visibly restore skin’s youthful look” comments Dr. Diane Clayton, NeoLife Vice President of Product Strategy, Research & Innovation.


An Exclusive Haven of Nature and the Birthplace of Modern Thalassotherapy

Nutriance Organic uses marine botanicals sourced from a protected biosphere off the coast of Brittany, France, an area renowned for its exceptional wealth of seaweeds, purity of seawater, and thalassotherapy centers.


“Marine ingredients and seawater have been used for centuries in skin care and for their general benefits to overall health and well-being, and so marine botanicals were a natural choice for our new skin care line” adds Dr. Diane Clayton The term for the therapeutic use of seawater, and marine ingredients such as seaweed extracts and marine minerals is known as “thalassotherapy” (that comes from the Greek words “Thalassa” meaning sea and “therapeia” meaning healing). Seawater and marine ingredients were used for their rich mineral and trace element content which were believed to enter the skin and clear the pores, detoxifying and balancing the body.

                                                                               Age-Defying Cell Activating System

                                                                          The Age-Defying Cell Activating System harnesses the synergistic properties of                                                                                Nutriance Organic, in 3 simple steps designed to fight the causes of aging and                                                                                  skin damage. And with specific formulas to match two main skin types: either                                                                                  Normal to Dry or Combination to Oily.


                                                                               STEP 1: Cleanse & Detoxify with cleanser

                                                                               STEP 2: Balance & Invigorate with tonic

                                                                               STEP 3: Activate & Nourish with serum and moisturizer

                                                                          Nutriance Organic is formulated in collaboration with leading skin care experts and                                                                            marine biologists, and clinically tested at prestigious European research and                                                                                    dermatology centers.


Nutriance Organic is NOT animal tested, non-comedogenic, 100% vegan, and paraben-free.


Exclusive formulas feature…


• Fresh Marine Seaweed Extracts

Using hand harvesting and gentle extraction techniques for quality and environmental sustainability. Extracted within 24 hours of harvest for potency.


• Pure & Patented Seawater

Biocompatible for perfect harmony with the epidermis. With more than 80 trace minerals.


• Essential Oils

Including Lime, Sweet Almond, English Lavender, Cranberry, and Chamomile.


• Botanical Waters & Botanical Extracts

Including Cornflower, Witch Hazel, Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba.


• Protective Antioxidants

Including carotenoids and polyphenols


Based in Nature, Backed by Science

Nutriance Organic is the result of a decade-long search. We searched the world over, and have now found the MOST unique source for biocompatibility and perfect harmony with the skin with our pure seawater and marine botanicals which are complemented by other valuable botanical ingredients.


The new line stays true to the company’s ‘based in nature, backed by science’ product philosophy, and is stamped with the Scientific Advisory Board seal of approval that represents a worldwide network of nutrition experts, doctors, scientists, and research facilities that are dedicated to delivering optimum health based on nature’s blueprint.


NeoLife has been providing families with both high quality nutritional supplements and fine quality skin care products for decades giving added peace of mind with a trusted name.

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