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GNLD Golden Products LC30 (25 Litre)

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Product Details

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Why this product is important

Cleaning the surroundings in which we live or work is a tough challenge. A working environment, be it commercial or industrial is even more varied and larger than a domestic environment so a cleaning agent needs to be multi-purpose, economical, conveniently packaged and safe to use.

Product Description

Available in larger packaging options, this super concentrated cleaning liquid has been formulated more specifically for commercial and industrial accounts. It is suitable for use on the widest variety of surfaces such as walls, tiles, floors, tables as well as upholstery and is safe to use in a food processing area.
Directions for use:
Dilutions range from 1:400 - 1:100 for light duty cleaning, to 1:20 for heavy duty cleaning and up to full strength concentration for very heavy duty cleaning.

Why GNLD is your best choice

Economical, very concentrated product: effective at low concentrations.
Suitable for use at home, in commercial or industrial facilities as well as in food preparation areas.
Safe to use: has a neutral pH and contains no hazardous substances, making it safe for general use.
Convenient packaging: available as a concentrate in 5 litres.
Biodegradable: returns to its original components after use.

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